The Search For Web Hosting for Bloggers.

People all over the world are searching for a good web hosting provider. Web hosting is important if you have a website, forum or blog. Everyone knows the importance of having hosting for a WordPress blog. Are you looking for a backup hosting service? Not happy with your current hosting service? These are questions that people are searching for. I know originally what made me look for a new hosting provider was the speed my website pages loaded. My question, was should I use a shared hosting service or not? My blog was loading slow and I think this was a real deterrent to my website visitors.  Slow page loading was the problem and I needed it fixed fast.

So, the search for a quality and affordable web hosting service began. There are plenty of options out there. But let’s face it, which option is best for my blog, my website, my business? I have been on platforms, forums, and question and answer sites like Quora looking for help in deciding. Asking questions like, is shared hosting the right choice for me? Through my search I came across many different opinions. My decisions weren’t jus about pricing. If you have done any searching for good web hosting services, you undoubtedly found out that most pricing between companies is very similar. Shared hosting is generally one of the most affordable options for a blogger such as me. Anticipating how many page hits you plan to get on blog or website should be a factor for which plan you select.  There are many big names in the hosting arena to choose from.

It is important at least in my opinion to do your homework on each potential provider. I have used more than a few hosting services in the past. Believe me that all hosting services are not created equal in ease of use, and ease of navigation when setting adding a blog to the hosting service. One service that I used, was so difficult that I actually had to watch a video on how to use it. This isn’t what I was looking for. In my opinion ease of use, is one of the most important factors in a good hosting service. Another good factor to look for in a hosting service is reliability. How much down time can I expect to have using this service? How many days, hours, minutes per month will my sight be affected with downtime. I feel that the topic of downtime really isn’t brought up much when choosing a good hosting service and it should be. The last thing a blogger wants, is for someone to go to their website and its down or unreachable.

Another important question to ask any potential hosting service is how much space am I limited to? That is very important and commonly overlooked question. Also, customer support is very important. For instance, I was with well-known hosting service for a long time. The site time was fairly good, with little downtime. This company in my opinion they had the worst customer service, and everything was done by email or chat. That is frustrating if you want real time answers. I mean sometimes you can wait for answer, other times you actually need to speak to person. So, my recommendation is do your due diligence when you are searching for a hosting service. One thing I found out the hard way, is try to avoid free hosting platforms. The customer service, limitations, and problems were stumbling blocks for me, when I tried using a free hosting service. My point is,  you work hard on your website to show the world your work. In my opinion paying for hosting service is the only option I will go with. My blog is way too important to risk using free hosting services. In addition, always use common sense when choosing a hosting provider. If it looks too good, or the cost is really low, find out what the brass tacks are, read the fine print. There are a lot of very good web hosting services out there and one that will undoubtedly be the choice for you and your blog.